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The Witch’s Oracle 2nd Edition by Marla Brooks

By Marla Brooks 
Product details
Cards: 128 pages
Publisher: Red Feather; 2nd edition
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0764357832
ISBN-13: 978-0764357831
Product Dimensions: 6 x 1.5 x 5.2 inches

The Witch’s Oracle, 2nd Edition
Publishers Description:
Explore the second edition of The Witch’s Oracle through 45 innovative cards and enhanced guidebook that peers into the world of the Witch! Stunning artwork now includes seven brand-new inspirational cards and insightful messages, spell incantations, and gemstone/crystal alliances! The Pagan easy-to-navigate guide offers straightforward, gentle guidance that takes readers through both good times and bad by viewing the “big picture” to find appropriate outcomes. Each card includes a suggested crystal or gemstone to enhance your reading and a magickal incantation that provides energy, reinforces the card’s meaning, and helps the desired message to be sent out into the universe. In addition to the oracle reading, the deck can be used in conjunction with the Tarot or other oracles for clarification in readings when messages seem inconclusive or cryptic. A perfect divination deck for Witches and non-Pagans alike, it is for both seasoned readers and beginners.

Review and Notes by Mary Nale:
First, let me start this review by saying I’m not a witch and although I understand most of the symbols I’m not an expert by any means. I am captivated by the borderless clear imagery of this deck. I like that the card images have a clear and easy to read one word (mostly) description on the image. The guidebook has the color image of each card and a card description and the meaning. It also gives a crystal that can be used and an incantation.
There are five cards in this deck I didn’t expect to see: Dreamcatcher, Hippogriff, Gargoyle, Unicorn and Chinese Dragon. To me, these cards make the deck versatile to use with other oracle decks or the tarot. I never expected to like this deck! I’ve been pleasantly surprised and I love the time that has been taken to explain each card image. There are spreads to try in the guidebook or you can pull a card a day to explore how this deck will speak to you. This deck will be a great addition to your “working” oracle decks. The images are clear and beautifully vibrant. I was surprised by my admiration of The First Edtion and now,  The Second Editon has surpassed my expectations. I like the image on the box much better now and Of course, the box is smaller and easier to store.


The Hippogriff is a legendary creature, supposedly the offspring of a griffin and a mare. The hippogriff has its legs firmly on the ground but is clumsy until it spreads its majestic wings and soars high into the sky, where it is king. It is a symbol of our higher self, which raises us up from being egocentric to heavenly, and can rise to tremendous spiritual heights. Be careful, though. The Hippogriff has sharp claws and needs to be shown great respect and caution. In the few medieval legends when this fantastic creature makes an appearance, it is because it may very well be the pet of either a knight or a sorcerer.
The Hippogriff warns that people are not seeing you as you really are because lately you have been “grounded”. YOur spirits are down, and only your awkward, ungainly side is on display. It’s time to take to the air and fly.
Crystal/Gemstone: Peacock Ore 
Peacock ore, a common name for ores or iron and copper, is seemingly ordinary until it oxidizes, wherein it reveals vivid shades of gold, red, and peacock blue. The stone inspires curiosity, expands the mind, and has a balancing effect on those people who seem too grounded or afraid to reveal their true selves.
I spread my wings and now I soar, out of the doldrums with a loud roar. The higher I get, the freer I’ll be. When I’m lighter than air, I can be the real me.

This deck was sent to me by Red Feather for review.

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