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I’m always on the lookout for books that can guide us on our spiritual path.  I’m not looking for a “system” so much as practical advice for everyday use.  Today I’m sharing my thoughts about the latest books in my collection.

Spiritual Guidebook: Mastering Psychic Development and Healing Techniques

by Anna Comerford 


Paperback : 312 pages

ISBN-10 : 1925682633

Publisher : Rockpool Publishing

If I had to recommend only one book to help someone along on their spiritual path, it would be this one.  This book covers almost everything psychic development that you can imagine with plenty of exercises and case studies to help with comprehension. I’ve read other books over the years that cover some of this information but this by far is the most down to earth, readable, doable and realistic approach I’ve seen so far. Even if you only use this book as a jumping off point you will find the exercises very helpful, you can always expand your knowledge in the areas that interest you after you cover the basics.  I like that you don’t have to have a partner to find this book useful.  


Choosing to Be a Medium: Experience & Share the Healing Wonder of Spirit Communication

by Sharon Farber  

Paperback : 264 pages

ISBN-13 : 978-0738757483

Publisher : Llewellyn Publications 

This is a great book for anyone who likes to work with partners and in groups. If you don’t like to work with someone else this book will probably be less helpful to you. 

The information is helpful and Sharon Farber is living proof that you can LEARN mediumship if you put in the work. I fully admit I purchased this book because I was skeptical and I wanted to know more.  In the past I’ve found some (not all) books by Llewellyn Publications to be skimpy on the actual how to and nuts and bolts of things, this book is full of information and it’s well written with easy to understand instructions.


Wishcraft: A Complete Beginner’s Guide to Magickal Manifesting for the Modern Witch 

by Sakura Fox 


Paperback : 304 pages

ISBN-10 : 1401961134

Publisher : Hay House UK 

First let me say openly and honestly I am not a witch of any type and have never felt called to follow that path. I’m not sure why I ordered this book, perhaps on a whim or maybe I thought it was something anyone could do because of the title.  I think the book is well written and very easy to understand and I really recommend Wishcraft to everyone who has an interest in simple and easy to understand spell work.  I enjoyed the book and I have zero doubt that the methods used are effective for manifesting.  What I’m trying to determine is if you can use this book if you’re not a witch.  I’m guessing you could but I think there are other manifesting books that are better suited to the non witch. ( I’m planning to gift this book to a friend who is following her path as I think she will find it helpful.)  Wishcraft covers all of the basic concepts of manifesting what you want in life and shares things that you should NOT do-in other words, there are ethics involved with any type of spell work. Also, the spells are laid out in an easy to understand way with simple ingredients that anyone can access.  Sakura Fox has done a great job with this book and I look forward to her future projects. I especially recommend this book to the young witch who may just be starting out and needs simpler spells with simple ingredients.  A word on the small print: The print is so small that I had to wear stronger readers to read it comfortably. The paper used is more like a newspaper than pages in a book.  Still, I enjoyed the contents of the book and I think the quality is a reflection on Hay House and not the author. 


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