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TLC for the Soul: 33 Inspiring Messages of Comfort

This post by Mary Nale at Attune Magazine

By Shana Lee Gibson (Author)

Publisher: Red Feather

 No guidebook or explanation is needed for this deck and that makes it truly original and different from most of the oracle decks we see because it isn’t an oracle deck at all. On the back you have a message and some ideas to prompt using affirmations to change your life. You could use this deck as a meditation prompt, a writing prompt or as a meditation. I love the idea Shana Lee Gibson gives us to use the cards to “Pay it Forward”, placing cards in random places for others to find. I like this idea so much that I’m putting the deck in my car so I can easily place a card at the grocery store, at the post office or maybe a place where a co worker will find it.  



One of my favorite images is:  “Inner gifts”: Talents you may have overlooked are in the process of being uncovered. – They are often to be found only after you’ve looked high and low, sifting out the pearls of wisdom from all the disappointments and fears.  Then, in a moment of wonder-as you let out a contented sigh-it has happened.  The gift that was always meant for you has appeared.  

These cards do have colored borders that can be easily trimmed if you prefer borderless images.  The image sits inside a beveled edge that gives the feel of holding a framed portrait.  The border color blends with the card image for a smooth transition that’s easier on the eye. I like the trend that I’m seeing of using the card backs for descriptions and affirmations, this makes it easy to pull a card and take it with you to read later.  Card size is approximately: 5.5 x 1 x 4 inches. This is a great deck to gift to anyone who loves beautiful, serene images.  It’s gentle enough for all of your Christian friends and won’t offend anyone that’s against oracle cards. The deck comes in a sturdy box with a magnetic close lid that’s perfect for tossing in your bag. I like this deck and I love the idea of being able to randomly provide a bit of comfort to anyone who might be needing a little TLC. 


You can order this deck through our Amazon link or directly from Red Feather.

By Shana Lee Gibson 

Images by Gina Szafner

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This post by Mary Nale at Attune Magazine

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