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Melinda Carver’s Get Positive Live Positive is the

COVR Visionary Awards Silver Recipient for

Best Self Help or Personal Growth Book!

On June 16th in Denver, the Coalition of Visionary Resources (COVR) presented their 21s Visionary Awards to authors, musicians, films, radio and products in the Mind-Body-Spirit industry.  The international awards are voted on by both the COVR members and the general public. What does it feel like to win such an award for your book, CD, film or product? We take a sneak peek into the mind of one of the finalists and eventual winner of one of the awards – author Melinda Carver!

Mary:  Congratulations Melinda on winning the Silver Award for Get Positive Live Positive as Best Self Help or Personal Growth Book!  How exiting for you! This is your second COVR Award – you won the 2015 People’s Choice Product of the Year Award for Melinda’s Fairy Wish Kit.  Was winning a book award different than a product award?

Melinda:  Thanks Mary! I am beyond thrilled for Get Positive Live Positive winning an international award for Best Self Help Book!  Yes, this is my second COVR Award. The first award, People’s Choice Award was so unexpected. My Fairy Wish Kit was up against 36 other products that year and I was shocked that I won that year.   I remember sitting with Lynn Sparrow and Alison DiNicola at the US Games Systems table and just shaking when James Wanless (the emcee) called my name.  This year, I was co-emcee of the awards show with Debbie Krovitz of DeVorss & Co. I knew I was a finalist but did not know I had won until we came to that page in the script.  Debbie and I were provided the script (kept under lock and key) until moments before we began the awards ceremony. So this year, I was not shocked or shaking because when we turned to that page, I saw that I won and I had to keep going as emcee!  We did stop so I could receive my award certificate and photograph, then on with the show. That’s the only difference on winning between a book and a product – I wasn’t shaking with shock this time!

Mary:  How did Get Positive Live Positive become a finalist in this year’s awards?

Melinda:  My publisher, Schiffer Publishing nominated Get Positive Live Positive for this year’s COVR Visionary Awards.  I was excited that they thought that highly of my book to nominate it.  You have great hope that the COVR members and the general public will vote for your book.  That’s all you can do – hope and pray and then ask for votes!

Mary:  When did you find out your book was a finalist? How do you prepare yourself as an award nominee for a live award show? So many awards in the Mind-Body-Spirit industry are given by online or mail.  

Melinda:  About one month prior to the awards show, COVR made the announcement of finalists.  I was happy and nervous at the same time. All the votes were in, we just didn’t know the order of the winners.  The day of the awards, all of us authors, musicians and companies were excited and bouncing around the International New Age Trade Show (INATS).  We were hugging each other, and giving well-wishes. It was fantastic energy. Then everyone became nervous at the start of the awards. You wonder if your hard work will be recognized and which placement you won.  Some nominees were calm, others were nervous. Both Debbie and I had to keep going with the show as the emcees so I was not as nervous – I had something to occupy my mind!

Mary:  You did work hard to have Get Positive Live Positive published.  What is the story there?

Melinda:  A self-help book is a very highly personal act of love by an author.  This was my baby, my workshop that I developed nine years ago and took all over the nation at expos, conferences and webinars.  It really was assisting so many people transform their lives. A friend of mine kept telling me to make it into a book. When I was at INATS in 2015, I visited a couple of publishing houses with my book proposal.  That was the year that I won People’s Choice for my Fairy Wish Kit. Schiffer wanted my manuscript and sent me a contract one month afterwards. I am so grateful for the response to my book and to the COVR members and general public voting for it for Silver Award for Best Self Help Book.

Mary:  What happens after you win a book award? Do other companies or people make you offers to work with you?

Melinda:  This is my first book award – my publisher is happy!  Yes, companies offer award-winners reduced advertising, radio shows ask you on, plus other offers to work together with certain people or companies.  I have to look at each offer and figure out what to do next.

Mary:  We get to wait to see where you end up next!!!  Where can people purchase Get Positive Live Positive?

Melinda:  Yes! I have to decide what to do next.  My book is available at bookstores across the country, or online at Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Target or Walmart.   My readers send me wonderful emails, messages or reviews on how Get Positive Live Positive has helped them.  That is what makes me happiest!

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