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When this deck first came out I was thrilled to see an oracle dedicated to male energies.  I think there is no other deck like this one and it’s worth getting to know.  This seems to be a deck that can zero in on any energy blocks you may be experiencing.  I like to lay out the Chakra Cards then draw a card to place next to each one of the seven chakras.  You can learn a lot about your chakra energies by studying what you see and what you DON’T see in the spread. Today I wanted a quick message…

Sargon of Akkad

“Should you see the light of your future, within the shadows of your present,

The resilience of life dancing over vast deserts of death,

Witness if you so shall, the majesty of Creation.

The connectedness of All was and always will be.

Entanglement? No. We call it Love.” ~ Sargon of Akkad 2345 B.C.

The Promethean Oracle 


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